• Wooden Packing Cases
  • Wooden Packing Cases
  • Wooden Packing Cases
  • Wooden Packing Cases
  • Wooden Packing Cases
  • Wooden Packing Cases
  • Wooden Cases for Exporting
  • Riveted, Battened, Composite, Sofwood Cases
  • Wooden Cases and Crates
  • On Site Packing and Bespoke Packing Cases

Wooden Packing Cases

Wooden packing cases/crates, plywood riveted boxes and bespoke pallets are the core products of GP Cases. We also manufacture composite cases, ply batten cases and warehouse containers.

Commonly used for the shipment of heavy equipment, softwood crates can be lined with various barrier materials for safe passage.more...

  • They can be manufactured using various sections of timber dependent on the weight of product to be carried.
  • A case is fully boarded to all sides whist a crate is open boarded.

Softwood Cases

Softwood cases are used for medium to heavy engineering products, they can be lined with various materials for extra protection. more...

  • Ideally suited to sea freight, as with all our products these are bespoke and are tailored to suit each customers specific needs.

Our most popular product is Plywood Riveted Cases, manufactured by riveting steel corner strips to plywood panels. more

  • Quick and easy to assemble they have great stacking strength and are ideal for all modes of transportation particularly air freight.

We manufacture all sizes of plywood battened cases. From very large to small cases, clients can depend on their strength and durability in transit.more..

GP Cases provide a bespoke design and manufacture service
for our clients who require specialist / bespoke wooden cases.

The majority of the products manufactured by G & P can be adapted to have a certain element of reusability.

  • Clips, catches or hinges are replace screws or nails so that the panels of cases can be removed without damage to the actual case.

These comprising a mix of materials generally wood and cardboard – Composite Cases Combining the strength of wood while reducing... more..

weight with corrugated card.

  • Mixed materials such as wooden bases with corrugated card sleeves.
  • Composite Cases combining the strength of wood where required & lightness of card.

GP Cases provide an on site packing service for clients whos products are to large or sensitive to be shipped to our units prior to packing. more..

  • Our experienced personnel can assemble cases and load equipment at the customers site
  • Our Customers can oversee the packing and loading of their products.

We manufacture small runs of bespoke pallets. GP Cases are traditionally case makers but we supply pallet collars to standard pallets.more...

  • We have manufactured heavy duty pallets for the transport of aircraft landing gear.
  • We have also made smaller special pallets to carry glass windows for the agricultural aftermarket.